The Books

FullSizeRenderBook 1/A Thief in Pigeon Valley

Excitement arises among the people of Pigeon Valley when the news spreads that there’s a thief in the community.
When suspicion falls upon the father of a new girl in town, whom Lauren has just made friends with, Lauren tries to solve who the real thief is. She can’t believe that anyone in this new family could possibly be part of the crimes in the area. However, taking matters into one’s own hands isn’t always the best approach, and Lauren comes to understand this fully as the days and weeks pass, and her sleuthing only seems to go poorer and poorer.

Follow Lauren as she learns to trust God more fully, and strives to obey her parents in everything she does. 


Lauren 2Book 2/ Christmas Guest

Lauren was eager at first about the notion of meeting the lady who was an old friend of her mother’s family; she could probably tell her all sorts of exciting things about when Mama was a girl! But upon meeting Miss Allenity, and after the lady had stayed with them for a while, Lauren begins to wonder if perhaps it would be nice if she had never come. Miss Allenity is rather authoritative, opinionated, and, perhaps a little too self-confident. All of these mannerisms begin to grow quite wearisome as time goes on, and to Lauren, Miss Allenity feels more and more like an intrusion on her happy family life.
But then, does it seem that this unexpected guest might be hurting inside? Could those brief, despairing expressions the lady frequently displays be telling of a sad event in her past?

Can Lauren really learn to love someone, as Jesus commands, who is so exasperating? Can she possibly be a light to a person whom she would simply rather avoid altogether?


Lauren 3Book 3/ Escaping Rising Waters 

With new house guests and a string of surprises put together by her parents, things couldn’t get more exciting for Lauren! But right in the middle of it all, a friend disappears and no one seems to know what has become of him.
Continuing on with their plan, the Lakes head into the mountains for a camp-out, however the weather doesn’t seem very agreeable. The clouds rolling in are only one worry. Then Lauren stumbles into a secluded part of the forest, encountering more danger than she ever would have imagined.

Will her faith hold strong when tested with fear? Will she ever see her family again?



Book 4/When Secrets Come to Light (coming soon)

Washo told Lauren he had known her grandfather for a time. Then just recently he had made a special trip to the Lakes’ cabin to tell them that his and their families were connected. No other information, just an invitation to come stay with him on the Cherokee reservation to learn more. So after two months of suspenseful waiting, Lauren and her family are making their way back into the mountains with the Corners coming along. Perhaps they would at last understand why her grandfather would hardly speak of his heritage! But when they all arrive at Washo’s, answers don’t come as quickly as Lauren had supposed they would. In fact, more questions arise. Most of her wonderings about family history have to be placed on the back burner until a more urgent matter is resolved.

Troubles mount as rumors spread, causing worries for not only Lauren but the whole Cherokee people.